Thanks for a wonderful journey!
Tippy, Massage Therapist, California, USA

The yoga teacher training concentrated on essentials.  It covered all aspects of yoga other than Asanas, like philosophy, anatomy, ayurveda, dietetics and nutrition. I am very fortunate to have taken the teacher training with Mahesh.
-Clare Bateson, Ireland

Mahesh is a great teacher with a broad fund of knowledge on all subjects related to yoga. He is a lot of fun to be around and has a good sense of humor. His mediations and asana classes are always well thought out.
                                - Tom Hoppel, Yoga Teacher, Budapest, Hungary

I trained with Mahesh for 2 months and thanks to his keen awareness and passion for teaching, my practice and knowledge of yoga greatly improved. Not only is he a talented teacher but also a kind and caring individual.
- Heather Kemp, Yoga Teacher, London UK

 I spent ten days training with Mahesh and I wish I was still there now. His comprehensive teaching means that I can confidently correct myself and know that I am looking after my body. I also loved doing the radical meditations he practices. Mahesh is a true Yogi, with an open mind and open heart. 

- Claire, Yoga Teacher, London UK

I had taken other teacher training in India before which came up short in Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Adjustments and Nutrition.
I was fortunate to have found someone who could explain in such wonderful way what "Yoga" is really about. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras seemed so confusing to me until I took the Yoga Philosophy classes with Mahesh. I learned how to be in touch with the students and how and when to adjust them while performing an asana. 
-Liz, Bogota, Colombia 

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